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Bacaro Jazz cocktail & shot section

Which amongst the numerous cocktails & shots we offer did you like the most? Which cocktail & shot do you think should be added on our drinks menu?

Kelley Rogers
7 Oct 2007
I choose the sex & sax!

Hello to all the staff of Bacaro Jazz! how are you all?, as the first contributor of this section I reccommend to all of the next guests going to Bacaro Jazz the Sex & Sax! I lost count of how many I had a few nights ago at Bacaro! they taste deliscious; it's a vodka cocktail with different fruit juices, can't wait to come back and have a 'few' more Ciao a tuti! kel

Francesca Hayes
11 May 2008
Espresso martinis

I loved the espresso martinis we had while we were there! Of course I made them for you and the staff! I miss you guys so much I am planning a return soon! I have a great bananaa foster martini for Mary, we see if we can make it and not burn the place down!!! Much love to Alfredo, Nicole and Mary!

Francesca from Miami Neil and Robert too!

Neil Fritz
29 Mar 2009
Just the Jaegermeister and Guiness for Me

Francesca's Espresso Martinis are legendary, but the Jaegermeister and Guiness was for me.

Marx Gibson
16 Feb 2011
The drinks were wonderful. Me, my wife,

my sister-n-laws, best friend and nephew made our trip this past summer. It was GREAT as usual, and Mario and staff. You guys always made us feel welcome. My wife and I gave Mario a New Orleans Saints t-shirt from our Super Bowl victory and his son took it from him. Venice and the Bacaro Jazz Bar is forever eched in our hearts and souls. Me, my wife, and sister-n-laws made the trip 2 years ago, and we will be making a third trip back to Venezia and the Bacaro Jazz Bar.

The drinks and the food and atmosphere is always impeccable, reminds me so much of our New Orleans.

We love you guys! See you soon.

Michelle & Marx Gibson Michelle & Marx
13 May 2012
the drinks? the drinks?

they are all great..........see you guys in 10 days.