A Venice Restaurant and Bar


How did you like the Bacaro Jazz Restaurant?

Hey guys, please tell us about your experience at Bacaro Jazz restaurant: the food, the cocktail, the jazz music, and the atmosphere in general!

Paolo Mioni
28 Aug 2007
Liked it very much

I've been there quite a few times and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Really nice!!

Dan & Danielle Smith
3 Sep 2007
Amazing food - Great atmosphere

August 27th 2007

First time in Venice, amazing food, great atmosphere. Service with a smile! Here on our first wedding anniversary, having a great time, love to come back soon. Dan & Danielle (England)

Katie & Christian Pugh
4 Sep 2007
The Bra Bar

The Bra Bar

English drinks, appreciate the bras hanging from the rafters! The hospitality is beyond every expectations. Our first experience of Venice is fantastic - will reccomend this bar and restaurant to everyone we know - both of them! Alfredo thank you!

Lisa Leeds
4 Sep 2007
Happy Hour in Venice

It took us around 1 hour to find the place but it was well worth the wait!! Great food, great atmosphere and most importantly buy 1 get one free booze! Had a great time, most reccomended. Lisa

Gwendolyn & Michelle Gwendolyn & Michelle
4 Sep 2007
Two girls from Illinois at Bacaro Jazz

Came for the music and stayed also for the food The whole place put us in a happy mood The jazz in the background was a beautiful noise And was much appreciated by two girls from Illinois We got the seabass but would rather plat grabass They asked for our bras but on top we were nude Didn't have a chocolate martini but Bacaro Jazz is known for its Bellini Was asked for a kiss by the waiter I said not now maybe later Ah, Venice what a great first night Especially eating at Bacaro Jazz which is such a delight!

sarah kerr
15 Apr 2009
I LOVE YOU Bacaro Jazz!

Hello, just got back from the most amazing first time in Venice, my boyfriend propsed to me after we had left Bacaro Jazz, i thank the drink for his dutch courage to go through with it!!! Also, was the first place we told anyone of our engagement, to two wonderful people we met in there, funny who you meet in bars. Therefore Bacaro Jazz will always have a special place in my heart, can't wait to come back soon! Sarah (and her fantastic fiancee Adam) xxx

Marx Gibson
16 Feb 2011
We loved it!

The staff was always friendly and helpful! Very easy to talk to and communicate with. Mario answered every question with great insight on the do's and don'ts of Venezia. My wife and I truly love Venezia and Bacaro Jazz Bar. We will see you guys soon.

Marx & Michelle Gibson, New Orleans, La.

Sarah&Tony Whittam-Howsam
3 Nov 2011
Absolutely love it

We came to Venice for 3 nights and each evening we ate at Bacaro Jazz ... perfect ambience, great music, fantastic service, delicious food and excellent drinks. What else can I say !! Can't wait to return to Venice and to Bacaro Jazz!