The Lagoon of Venice

The Venice Lagoon

It is no sea, nor lake nor river but a little bit of the three of them at the same time, the Venice Lagoon is a microuniverse of islands where, for hundreds of years Man and Nature have lived together in peace and armony, in a symbiotical relationship.Quiet waters and silent islands, the seagull's cries, noiseless boats, untamed islands and monumental buildings, the Venice Lagoon is a world of its own where nature, history and legend cohexist and merge as the water, soil and sky, in the winter mist or in the sultry summer, when the horizon decides to leave place for the Fantasy.

Who doesn't know San Marco and Rialto, the Canal Grande and the “Gondole” which cross it? But how many people are familiar and dare follow the “bricole”(the wooden poles in the water you see all around Venice) that live in the Lagoon and discover the striking landscapes and the enchanting islands that lay still just some waters away?. The Venice Lagoon's treasures are countless, starting with Burano, the fascinating island of the “merletti” and the delicious “bussolai”, with its peculiar colored houses; Torcello with its engaging Byzantine Cathedral and its tower, true sight spot to observe the cormorans and the herons that populate the rivers and the “barene” of this peaceful glimpse of the lagoon.

Hundred of thousands are those who crowd the Venitian“calli” visting the glass and mask shops, but few are those who adventure to visit the ancient library on the “Isola degli Armeni”or to enjoy the mystique silent that wrap around “San Francesco del Deserto” with its more than 800 cypress. Plenty are the scattered gems in the Venitian Lagoon; with the aging of time many of those have almost been forgotten, so deeply that within the locals as well, it's sometimes difficult to find somebody that have ever been visiting the “Valli da pesca”, or have ever seen, somehow lost in its waters the fishers' dwellings, true floating houses sustained by hidden poles, as not many would be able to tell you about the existence of the “Ossario di Sant'Ariano”, the old cimetery of the Venitian nobelty, where you are still able to see, hindered by the thick vegetation, opulent rennaiscence gravestones.

Millions of tourists visit Venice every year, but who only visits its “calli” and its canals, its palaces and its churches, even if enchanted by its beauty, will return home without having understood how Venice is only one of the islands of a silent and fascinating archipelago, THE VENICE LAGOON WITH ITS ISLANDS, a magic environment where time has stopped in the wizardly dimension of the Legend.

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