Bacaro Jazz: A Venice Restaurant and Bar

Bacaro Jazz is a Venice Restaurant and Cocktail Bar and is one of Venice's premier night time destinations. Since 1997, the Bacaro Jazz Restaurant has been providing Venice with fine International and typical Venetian cuisine, and an amazing selection of expertly mixed cocktails.

The amount of people who have fallen in love with Bacaro Jazz is truly phenomenal, and we are happy to say that most of the people that visited this place for the first time takes every opportunity to come back.

What makes our restaurant such a special place to spend your evening in Venice? Exquisite food, fine Jazz music, fine wine, company, warm decor and the friendliest staff available.

The restaurant is open from 11AM till 2 AM and is located in the true heart of Venice, 2 minutes walk from the Rialto Bridge.

The restaurant is open EVERY DAY

Thanks for a wonderful time!good food,good company,great music! Definitely must return on our next visit ...

Susan Bullock

great place, will come back next ...

rosalind abbott

We loved hanging out at your amazing bar. We wanted to let you know, how much we enjoyed sitting in your bar, and having a great visit with Beatrice. Really, meeting her was one of the best parts of ...

Tommy Hernandez